Who we are

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I’m Mircea Crisbășanu and I’ve been cycling for over 10 years. That’s a third of my life. I have found this passion and ever since it truly helped me to discover Romania, my own country. Even when I’m not working, I might ride my bike, especially when I need to connect to nature. So you’ll find me on the road most of the times. That’s where I learned how much I love turtles, seabirds, young fir trees, the dewy morning grass, the smell of nature in its most peculiar ways and most of all, rare Romanian places with their incredible people.

Right now, I’m living around Bucharest and I’m working on Cycling Romania project for as long as I’ll feel as enriched and dedicated as I do. I’m predicting it’s going to be quite a while. Otherwise, I’m a civil engineer and designer, did my studies in Bucharest (Romania) and Delft (The Netherlands), after which I chose to come back home. Living abroad actually pulled the trigger for me and, after travelling in some European countries I have realized how great is the potential of Romania.

Cycling Romania will show you a side of the country less known to you and will bring you closer to the place where the true Romanian essence still exists: the village. So consider yourself invited to join me and my team in a cycling trip in Romania. If we share the same passions for cycling, wild nature, rural places, good food and discoveries I am quite sure your trip will be one to remember.