Our rental equipment



We know that the rider and the bicycle always depend on each other and also that no two riders are the same. That is why our bicycles cover a wide range of frame sizes and geometries, accessories, pedals, tire types and other “small details” that make up the difference between a comfortable cycling experience and an awesome one.

For most beginners we will always recommend hardtail mountainbikes or hybrid trekking bikes with minimum accessories, thus making the riding really simple and intuitive.
For advanced and passionate cyclists our premium hybrid trekking bikes will come in really handy for every tour.

Technical details:

  • Available bikes: up to 5 bikes per group
  • Frame: hardtail aluminium
  • Front fork: suspension
  • Frame sizes: from S to L
  • Saddles: Comfortable gel saddles
  • Brakes: Standard v-brakes
  • Tire type & pressure: According to each tour

Technical details:

    • Available bikes: up to 5 bikes per group
    • Frame: hardtail aluminium
    • Front fork: suspension with optional RL (remote lock) OR fixed carbon
    • Frame sizes: from S to XL
    • Saddles: trekking saddles
    • Brakes: V-brakes with ABS (anti blocking system) OR heavy duty disk brakes
    • Tire type & pressure: According to each tour
    • Light system: B&M Lumotech or KTM with senzor
    • Power suppply: Front dynamo hub
    • Carry system: Rear rack ready to go for Ortlieb, Vaude or other system
    • Water & mud protection: full size front and back fender
    • Handlebars & grip: Ergon GP1/2 grips or equivalent by KTM

 All cyclists must wear a helmet at all times, for their own safety. If you wish not to wear one, you can do this only on your responsabilty and we do not recommend it. The helmet is designed to save life and keep you away from injuries in case of falling or accidents.

The most important thing is to wear a helmet that has a proper fit and does not limit the field of view in any way.


    • Helmets: Standard and light with or without night light
    • Panniers: Vaude and Ortlieb rear panniers, 100% waterproof
    • Electric accesories: USB charger output on bike and iphone (3s/4) handlebar mount
    • Speedometer Cateye Electronic Speedometers
    • Sun glasses: All round cycling sun glasses
    • Rain kit: Full size front and back fender with mud guard
    • Watter bottles: Up to 2 per bike

All these accessories are available upon request and depending on the bike and frame type to be used. Feel free to ask about the availability and extra fees for extra equipment.

Please note that according to different routes the standard level of equipment may vary (for example on most routes the trekking bikes have the front and back fender already mounted). We will always pick the best standard level of equipment for each bike according to the routes chosen; you only need to ask for that extra touch of performance whenever you know that’s what suits you best.