Latest Past Events

The Saxon Transilvania – Fully Booked!

Prod Sighișoara

Cycling days: 8 (23rd - 30th September)
Arrival day: 22nd September
Departure day: 1st October
Overnights: 9
Medium level
Trekking bike

EUR 1255

Between the Danube and the mountains

Jijila Macin

Cycling days: 6 (August 19th-24th)
Arrival day: August 18th
Departure day: August 25th
Overnights: 7
Easy level
Trekking bike

EUR 865

Into the wilderness of Buzau

Berca Buzau

Cycling days: 5 (11th, 13-16th August)
Hiking days: 12th August
Arrival day: 10th August
Departure day: 17th August
Overnights: 7
Medium level

EUR 870

The Wine Hills of Dealu Mare

Urlati Urlați

Cycling days: 6 (27 July -1 August)
Arrival day: 26th July
Departure day: 2nd August
Overnights: 6
Medium level
Trekking bike

EUR 960

Sensational Maramures

Breb, Maramures

Cycling days: 7 (6-12 July)
Arrival day: 5th July
Departure day: 13 July
Overnights: 8
Medium level
Trekking bike

EUR 1370