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Some of our friends’ reviews: 


  • IMG_2743I could not have asked for anything more! I was sad to leave at the end and I really could have done it all over againI went for the Saxon Transylvania tour, for one week, in September – a fantastic time to visit. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and so much more than I could have ever expected – even though I checked out the photos beforehand! Rolling hills with little plum tree treats along the route! The photos simply don’t do it justice.  I could describe the area we cycled as an expanse of totally unspoiled countryside, with little pockets of villages every few miles – just lovely. In no way did this trip feel rushed, pressured or as if we were following a “tour guide”. Mircea just felt like one of the group. He had such a wonderful approach and put everyone at ease. Excellent trip, thoroughly recommended. What are you waiting for? Book now!! – Rosalind, London, UKSee full review here.


  • IMG_2516If you really want to escape your daily madness, this is YOUR tour through the Saxon villages: you will receive very warm hospitality, discover fantastic landscapes, e.g. meadows with 500 year old oaks- my absolute favorite , almost untouched huge forests and village life that you don’t find anymore in Western Europe. As a Bavarian, living in Brussels, I had the chance to talk to some old Saxons in their language, including sipping their strong tuica:) and taste old Saxon cake recipes. In this week I discovered the country in a group of 9 people. We harmonized perfectly, it felt more like having holidays with friends, I still miss their company. Join Cycling Romania as the perfect eco-tourism experience! – Vicky, Brussels, BelgiumSee full review here.


  • IMG_9801Four hours north of Bucharest, Transylvania is another world, and this, without doubt is the way to explore it. The biking itself is a combination of trail and road routes, the scenery breath taking, and the history we encountered on every turn, quite extraordinary. It wasn’t all history by any means, everywhere along the route we stayed with local people, their hospitality overwhelming, the food delicious. One thing that became abundantly clear to me was that Transylvania will not stay like this for very long, so now’s the time to visit! – Ian, WalesSee full review here.

Transylvania! A magic land, a region turned back in time that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe! Join Cycling Romania for a week of cycling on rolling hills and untouched idyllic pastures. We will fall in love with the panoramic views, we will get to know wonderful and very friendly locals, we will eat delicious meals prepared in the countryside. We will learn how villagers live and how the traditions are still being well kept in these forgotten European land. The route is addressed to nature lovers and cyclists with a medium physical fitness.

What do we do: We learn many things about the Saxon culture in Romania. We visit old Saxon villages, almost each of them having a fortified church with an interesting story kept behind its walls. We interact a lot with the locals, from cheese producers to  weavers who are still using traditional tools. In this part of Transylvania the landscape is still untouched by humans. Several times the itinerary will drive us through dense oak forests and huge green pastures. You will never forget the food you will taste here, entirely prepared by locals. Join Cycling Romania on an unique cycling experience in a land that Europe hasn’t discovered yet!

Technical details:

  • Length: 8 days 
  • On the bike: 7 days
  • Overnights: 7 nights
  • Distance: 55km <day1> + 40km <day2> + 45km <day3> + 58km <day4> + 45km <day5> + 62km <day6> + 60km <day7>
  • Total distance: 365km
  • Average distance/day: 52km
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Ascent ↑/Descent↓: 500m↑/500m↓ <day1> + 354m↑/370m↓ <day2> + 331m↑/213m↓ <day3> + 234m↑/365m↓ <day4> + 520m↑/520m↓ <day5> + 350m↑/336m↓ <day6> + 330m↑/372m↓ <day7>
  • Highest / lowest point: 694m / 317m
  • Terrain type: asphalt (65%), dirt road (35%)

Organizing details:

  • Best time of year: June – October
  • Start point: Prod Village, 300 km away from Bucharest and 65 km away from Târgu Mureș, the closest airport
  • End point: Saschiz Village, 270 km away from Bucharest and 75 km away from Târgu Mureș
  • Start time: 10am, Day 1
  • End time: 10am, Day 8
  • Group size: 4-10 persons
  • Accommodation type: basic 2-star guest houses and 3-star pensions
  • Suggested overnight before the tour: Sighișoara

Tour itinerary: 

  • Day 1: Prod – Senereuș – Viișoara – Prod
  • Day 2: Prod – Valchid – Biertan – Moșna
  • Day 3: Moșna – Agnita – Stejărișu
  • Day 4: Stejărișu – Ruja – Roandola – Daneș – Prod
  • Day 5: Prod – Breite Ancient Oaks Reserve – Stejărenii – Criț – Prod, transfer to Saschiz
  • Day 6: Saschiz – Dârjiu – Cața- Homorod
  • Day 7: Homorod – Dacia – Viscri – Criț – Meșendorf – Saschiz


  • Saxon fortified churches of 700 years old (UNESCO heritage) 
  • Visit local families: artists, craftsmen, food producers
  • Ancient oaks reserve at Breite, with trees older than 600 years
  • Old fortresses
  • Horse farm in Prod
  • Cycling through remote areas: wild forests, isolated villages
  • Panoramic views with the last natural pastures in Europe
  • Delicious meals prepared by locals 

Meet point:

View Meet point Prod in a larger map


By car: (from Bucharest) After passing Sighișoara turn left towards Mediaș. In 8 km you reach Daneș, turn right after the church tower and head towards Prod. The Cross Country horse farm is on the right, before entering the village.

By train: You can take the train and reach Sighișoara (CFR – national railway company). More information about the train schedule you will find here. If you choose to come by train please let us know.

The tour package includes: 

  • bike and helmet rental, guiding, technical assistance, activities and visits (visit local craftsmen, visit UNESCO monasteries & churches, visit a museum, visit Sighișoara – UNESCO medieval town), 7 breakfasts & 7 dinners, accommodation at basic 2-star pensions and 3-star pensions, 7 fresh homemade sandwiches for lunch, energy bars,  fruits. We can arrange car/train transfer upon request. 

* Please be aware that a contribution to supporting the visited traditional and national heritage buildings is included in the fee

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Our philosophy implies protecting the environment. Therefore we use the car as less as possible. We drive the car only until the base point (start/end place) and from there we do round-out bike trips. We take with us, on bikes the gear needed for 1-3 days. At every return to the base camp we can change our clothes. We don’t want to carry all the time our cycling luggage by car. The main luggage can safely be stored at the base camp.

We have some beautiful photos from our tours to share with you. Hope you enjoy them!

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For more information about this tour or for personalized inquiries please get in touch with us!

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  1. Jim Bittman

    Hello, I am interested in the Saxon Transylvania trip that starts on Aug 23. I am assuming that the guides (and most of the participants) speak English? Also, do you have an additional charge for someone travelling alone since I didn’t see “single supplement” mentioned? Do you have a minimum or maximum number of participants for your trips, and can you say how many are already signed up for this trip?

  2. I am interested in this tour (Saxon tour), sept 28 departure. I would like to know a bit more about the terrain and traffic conditions – I am not a very experienced biker. I can do long days, and ascents (I did a cycling trip in India which involves around 70 – 90 km a day, and a 2000 meter ascent in one day), but I cannot do mountain biking and nervous around heavy traffic, so would like to get your advice on what to expect for this trip.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Nurit Selbst

    interested in suggestions to 5 day cycling holiday in september, either with a group or only us
    we are a couple from israel

  4. Hello, I am interested in The Saxon Transilvania Tour. But I am alone and I dont have any equipment( bike, helmet and ao on). What is the price of this tour. Cab you send me details by e-mail.
    Thanks a lot

  5. Carolyn Hayman

    HI Mircea, I’ve found the answer to my previous question! the Transylvania tour in July looks very good. I’ll be travelling by train from London, is there a station at Sigisoara?

    • Hi Carolyn. Thank you for your messages. There is a train station in Sighisoara, yes. I am replying further on the email.

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