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Some of our friends’ reviews: 


  •   IMG_3748Best cycling guide in Romania! We’ve been on five tours with Cycling Romania and had a fantastic ride each time.  They have some scheduled tours but can also do custom made tours as well. Mircea meticulously scouts out his routes ahead of time and pre-arranges stops not only at the churches, monasteries, etc, but at houses of local villagers, a weaver, a guy with ripe cherry trees in his back yard for instance. And he’s always on the lookout for opportunities to help unlock the Romanian culture and history for us – lowering the bucket into a village well to refill our water bottles, pointing out edible plants, talking to villagers. I can’t recommend Cycling Romania high enough and we look forward to our next trip with Mircea! – Tim, USASee full review here. 


  • IMG_3616One trip with Cycling Romania recharges anyone’s batteries. Firstly, just one word to describe my experience with Cycling Romania: exceptional!  It turned out to be the right decision to go to Măcin area, in Dobrogea and I am planning to repeat the experience as soon as possible. I am sure I will experience again a perfect bike tour with beautiful landscapes and glorious nature, tasty traditional food, a guide that knows lots of information about the places, pleasant paths to ride and, in the evening, joyful companions. I strongly recommend Cycling Romania for the authentic trips it organizes and for Mircea’s dedication to make each experience a beautiful memory – Raluca, Romania. See full review here

Dobrogea is a place that looks different than any other piece of the country. Join Cycling Romania and discover a treasure that only few truly appreciate! Here it’s time for a different cycling experience. We will bike through the land of fishes, we’ll often meet shepherds, we’ll enjoy the salty breeze coming from the Black Sea, we’ll get amazed by the ancient oak and beech green woods. And all of these will happen in a mighty land, guarded for ages by both the Danube and the mountains of Macin. The tour is addressed to all nature and beauty lovers, having a medium physical fitness.

What do we do:

We’ll go cycling through the forest of Macin National Park and along the Danube River, we’ll visit villages with lot of traditions that are still well kept, we’ll taste the best local food (we won’t miss the fish specialties ), we’ll enjoy and relax overnight at some very nice village houses with shady vines and a large garden, we’ll visit beautiful monasteries, we’ll taste the best regional wines at a wine cellar and we’ll also try the freshly made grape juice, we’ll walk on a thematic trail and discover why Macin Mountains have more than 19% from the European flora.

Technical details:

  • Length: 7 days 
  • On the bike: 6 days
  • Overnights: 6 nights
  • Distance: 48km <day1> + 45<day2> + 55km <day3> + 66km <day4> + 30km <day5> + 48km <day6>
  • Total distance: 292km
  • Average distance/day: 47km
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Ascent ↑/Descent↓: 190m↑/190m↓ <day1> + 80m↑/52m↓ <day2> + 590m↑/539m↓ <day3> + 410m↑/515m↓ <day4> + 280m↑/288m↓ <day5> + 290m↑/290m↓ <day6>
  • Highest / lowest point: 244m / 3m
  • Terrain type: asphalt (60%), dirt road (40%) dirt

Organizing details:

  • Best time of year: May- October
  • Start and end point: Jijila, 260 km away from Bucharest
  • Start time: 10am, Day 1
  • End time: 10am, Day 7
  • Group size: 4-10 persons
  • Accommodation type: basic 2-star guest houses
  • Suggested overnight before the tour: Brăila/ Măcin / Jijila

Tour itinerary: 

  • Day 1: Jijila – Măcin – Carcaliu – Măcin – Jijila
  • Day 2: Jijila – Garvăn – Isaccea
  • Day 3: Isaccea – Niculițel – Parcheș – Telița
  • Day 4: Telița – Izvoarele – Nifon – Luncavița
  • Day 5: Luncavița – Jijila + hiking to Pricopanului Ridge
  • Day 6: Greci – Cerna – Turcoaia – Greci + short hiking on a thematic trail (car transfer to/from Greci; overnight in Jijila)


  • 3 famous monasteries: Saon, Cocoș, Celic-Dere
  • Large variety in terms of landscape, flora, fauna
  • Find out a lot about local traditions and crafts
  • Visit 2 wine cellars
  • Cycling through linden forests
  • Hiking in Măcin Mountains National Park
  • Sun-tanning on a hidden beach with fine white sand, along the Danube
  • Only natural food prepared by locals 

Meet point:

View Meet point in Jijila in a larger map


By car: After reaching Brăila take the ferry towards Tulcea. Drive 20km and reach Măcin, after which turn left (keep direction to Tulcea). In 5 km you will reach Jijila Village..

By train: You can get by train only to Brăila by taking the services of CFR – national railway company. More information about the train schedule you will find here. If you choose to come by train please let us know.

The tour package includes: 

  • bike and helmet rental, guiding, technical assistance, activities and visits (visit 2 wine cellars, visit  local craftsmen, visit  monasteries & churches, visit 1 museum, hiking during two days), 6 breakfasts & dinners, accommodation at basic 2-star guest houses, 6 fresh homemade sandwiches for lunch, energy bars,  fruits. We can arrange car transfer upon request. 

* Please be aware that a contribution to supporting the visited traditional and national heritage buildings is included in the fee

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Our philosophy implies protecting the environment. Therefore we use the car as less as possible. We drive the car only until the base point (start/end place) and from there we do round-out bike trips. We take with us on bikes the gear needed for 1-3 days. At every return to the base camp we can change our clothes. We don’t want to carry our luggage by car. The main luggage can safely be stored at the base camp.
For more information about this tour or for personalized inquiries please get in touch with us!

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